SinKeu Portable Power Station,99Wh Solar Generator, Backup Lithium Battery 230V/100W AC Outlet for Camping Emergency Off-Gird Outdoor Fishing Travel Party RV Trip(Solar Panel Not Included)

SinKeu Portable Power Station,99Wh Solar Generator, Backup Lithium Battery 230V/100W AC Outlet for Camping Emergency Off-Gird Outdoor Fishing Travel Party RV Trip(Solar Panel Not Included) Customer Reviews

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SinKeu Portable Power Reviews

Awesome little power station
2 October 2022

It turned up with about 50% power and took just over 2 hours to fully charge.
It’s only 100w output with a 99wh battery so it won’t power any high drain appliances, however if you want something to charge phones & tablets. Charge the laptop or power the Wifi router then this will do the job.

For power testing I found the following
Router powered for just over 3 hours
Charged my laptop 1.5 times
Charged my phone 8 times

It weights just over 1kg and is the size of a small handbag so makes it very portable. If you have a few devices that need charging this is ideal, great for long car journeys with kids to keep their tablets and phones charged.

I really like the torch on it, with the unit being so small and light I can take this into the loft, its bright enough so I can see what I need to and lasts for ages, it’s a nice bonus in a power station. One less thing to lug with me.
It’s been in the van since I bought it and I use it everyday then charge at night on the economy 7 tariff. I would be lost without it now

Kindle Customer
Not enough output to be useful
25 September 2022

This is a really strange product because, with only 100W of power, it just can't really power anything apart from a few lights - and certainly nothing that a normal powerbank couldn't power - the only difference is it does support AC current.

You can get a solar panel that outputs direct to USB, and use that to charge a beefy powerbank, and you've got exactly the same setup for far less money.

If you need the AC, I guess this is ok, but be aware that you can't plug in a solar panel and use the AC output at the same time.

The product itself doesn't come across as particularly well made or robust, and it's not exactly cheap.

Very Impressed
13 September 2022

We bought this item to reduce our power usage and hopefully reduce our energy bill. It was important to have a car charger to be able to charge it during the day. I drive lorries and have ample time to fully charge it during my day. At home we use it to recharge all our phones, tablets, watches etc, and it does this very well. If it continues to work for a couple of years then it will work out good value for money.

Douglas Victor
The description needed more info
7 September 2022

I intended using this to charge from solar panels during the day, and have something plugged into it which would be usable whenever I wanted.
Problem is, the AC plug is disabled while the charger is plugged in charging. Meaning my main reason for buying this cannot be done.
It's info like that which should be explained in the description.

Douglas Victor
Handy budget power station that can be solar charged with the matching solar panel.
7 September 2022

This is very lightweight and easy to use.Charged up fully on arrival and then I plugged the 12 volt lead intomy 45 watt cool box to see how long it would run.Considering the output is 2 amps or less it did very well.I ran it for 75% of the battery power for 3 hours, so I would expect it to run for around 4 hours.The only downside was I really wanted the matching SinKeu 40 watt solar panel to go with it.Mainly because you can only solar charge at a maximum of 15 volts/2'6 amps.Most direct solar panels that don't go through a control box are 18 volts which would be too high.However I was able to order and pay for the matching solar panel on Amazon back order as apparently they will be getting them in at some point.According to the manual this will then charge at full sun in 5 - 7 hours which seems quite good.Obviously it is best to leave home with it fully charged and top up when driving, but it's good to have the solar option.I got this power station for £79.99 and have paid the same amount for the matching solar panel.For me it is a cheap option to keep things charged up off grid without spending a fortune.

Douglas Victor
Broke immediately
6 September 2022

This was sold to me at a reduced price offer for £89 instead of £119.On receipt I charged it up, then tried it out.The DC output worked fine and then I connected the AC outputto a 6 watt, 12v reading light powered through a transformer.The light worked for a short while then just went out.The AC power switch no longer worked, however I could still get the same light to work on the DC socket.I bought this in case of power cuts so it is of very limited use without the AC option.There is nothing in the instructions to explain the failure.

I also noticed that the unit is supposed to have a compass in the handle but the one supplied to me did not.I can't think why I would need a compass on something that charges a mobile phone; are there people without a compass on their mobile phone?

Amazon have accepted my return but I can only get a refund not a replacement so I wonder if the item was cheap for a reason!I also have to nominate a day for collection when I have to be home for when it is called for. There is no option to take to a collection point.It makes it more irritating but I guess these days I should be happy if I can get a quick, no-quibble refund.

All in all a disappointing purchase.

Update 14 Sept
I waited in all day for the item to be collected but no one came and there was no message to allowing me to amend the collection instruction.Just now I called Amazon Help and they told me that although a collection was scheduled for yesterday I can take the item to the post office myself. I asked why that option was not offered to me when I arranged the return but they don't know why.I asked why the faulty item could not be replaced and they say because the seller is a third party who does not offer replacements on Amazon.They will however send me a £10 gift token for my trouble.

Kindle Customer
Portable and compact
28 August 2022

Definitely a good power station to have for outdoor activities and for people like me who have laptop lifestyle. It rechargeable and you can charge using a solar panel as well. It'ssmall enough to carry around and there are plenty of ports for gadgets to charge and plug in. It has a torch and outlet as well. It took me overnight to fully charge this.

Present for camping trip ,will order solar panel to complete system ,no frills but does job well .
26 August 2022

Still on holiday ,all's well so far really pleased .

Darrin Stephens
Not the Most Practical Power Source
20 August 2022

This 'SinKeu Portable Power Station' has its uses, and it would possibly be beneficial if you experience a power cut at home (for a short time anyway), but it doesn't appear to be rugged enough for camping, or extended outdoor use. The unit itself is relatively lightweight, which is obviously great for transporting, but on the other hand, it doesn't really instil confidence in the build quality. Unless you particularly need 100W maximum AC output for 1 hour when you are out and about, you would probably be better off with a couple of pocket sized power banks for your mobile devices. As for 12V DC output for other devices, you would more than likely want to purchase the relevant adaptors to use your Vehicle as a power source. A price of £119.99 at the time of ordering seems to be a little expensive, especially considering that you will need to purchase the solar panel separately (which would make the power station a lot more practical than without one).

Great product
18 August 2022

It works very well when outdoors and you need a power supply but it wont work with big items that consume a lot of power on the AC. The three pin socket is what i love about it as everything we use has a three pin socket… there is enough usb sockets and some other bits that i forgot the name of. The one bit that is a big let down is that there is no USB C charge point and that can be an issue with newer model products these days to charge. All in all i do 100% recommend it as its a great power supply and has big storage of it. I hope my review was helpful


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