AKG K371-BT Bluetooth Studio Headphones, Over-Ear Closed-Back Design for Professional Performance, Foldable with 8 position hinges, 40 hour battery life, Built in Microphone, Earcup Gesture Controls

AKG K371-BT Bluetooth Studio Headphones, Over-Ear Closed-Back Design for Professional Performance, Foldable with 8 position hinges, 40 hour battery life, Built in Microphone, Earcup Gesture Controls Customer Reviews

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  • Closed-Back, Over-Ear Design - Oval earpads and closed-back design offer superior isolation and improved bass response
  • Largest-In-Class Drivers - 50 mm titanium-coated drivers, tuned to the AKG Reference Response Curve, provide superior performance with an extended frequency response of 5 Hz to 40 kHz—unheard of at this price
  • Wired or Wireless Listening - Listen via Bluetooth with 40-hour battery life, or connect using one of the included cables
  • Foldable, Notched Hinge - 8-position articulated hinge, collapsible for maximum portability
  • Slow-Retention Foam Earpads - Superior comfort and fit for longer listening sessions with less bass leakage
  • Sleek Style - Pro performance with lifestyle fit and finish

AKG K371-BT Bluetooth Reviews

Awesome sound quality but the fit is awful
3 November 2021

As stated the sound is really great. Being studio headphones I'd expect this.
However, the fit is really poor and doing basic head movements, like picking something up off the floor, causes the unit to slip and need readjusting.
This further makes the touch controls infuriating because adjusting the headset, whilst playing music, is liable to skip, pause, or adjust the volume accidentally.
The designers clearly never used this product in a real world setting.
Furthermore the headphones turn themselves off if they're inactive for a few minutes so, if you're like me, and want to use your headset for phone calls you have to be listening to music on them to keep them active for when a call comes in.
It would be so easy to produce an app or a switch to toggle these settings or have actual buttons for controlling tracks and volume.
Sound quality is truly awesome though.

Excellent quality but they are deliberately neutral
28 October 2021

I’ve had a number of AKG headphones and these are as expected very good indeed. Well built, packaged and presented. Sleek and stylish looking. The oval cups are snug and comfortable. Easy to set up. Gesture volume control is great. All gold tip cables should you need them. Decent battery life. Do note they are closed back and intended for professionals/engineers so they are very neutral. If you want really thick deep bass I’d get over ear open back but the sound quality is very crisp and clear. The upside of closed back is very little sound leakage and good noise cancelling. So for travel - perfect. They don’t sound as good as a £200+ pair of AKG but they’re £100 so you can’t complain.. highly recommended

*** ***
Pretty poor if I am honest.
27 October 2021

Going from a pair of Sony MDR650BT which have been fantastic but unfortuantely after many years are now falling apart. I wanted a replacement so tried these.

At first I thought it was just me needing to get used to them, the sound is flatter than the Sony, but actually after a few days use the sound quality just isnt there.

For gaming: Its like having your head in a fish bowl, very hard to explain but the the Sony I was able to pinpoint shots/footsteps etc pretty well, with these everything just felt "fuzzy", it was actually quite a horrible feeling, particularly after being so used to a good set prior. That being said, I didnt particularly notice any bluetooth lag.

The bluetooth also dropped out once aswell (dont forget this is only over the space of a few days) whilst my Sony pair for over 3 years this never happened once, so by process of elimiation.......

On the plus side they were pretty comfortable, and although not active noise cancelling, did a pretty good job and getting rid of ambient background noise and didnt leak much sound out at all.

Shame really, if these were £30 I would say they would be ok for general use, listening to music etc, but they are not £30 and for the price being charged you would expect much better than these.

K371; the best £100 closed back?
16 October 2021

I highly recommend checking out crinacle.com for headphone stuff, as it was his rankings that made me consider getting the K371.

Definitely the best closed back you can get at the price point. On my shelf I still have my Sennheiser Momentum 1.0- which arguably sounds relatively okay - and momentum 2.0 wireless (oops)

The K371 has a really good build (apparently the design was updated a couple years ago now? But if you're looking at all of the "bad build" reviews, stop, it doesn't apply any more.)

It follows the Harman curve, which means a slightly elevated bass response and it follows it very well, which means the tonality is very pleasant too.

Nothing feels bloated and these headphones by no means are harsh; they're moreso the opposite actually, being extremely inoffensive to listen to, to a point I'd actually prefer if they were a tad brighter, but that's more of a preference point than anything.

In addition I'd like to add that these are EXTREMELY comfortable. The clamping force isn't bad at all and the ear pads are soft.

Lastly, if you're undecided between the wired and wireless versions of these, I know you already know what I'm going to say, but the Bluetooth version won't sound as good. But no, it's not because of Bluetooth. Remember, for Bluetooth you need a battery and an actual Bluetooth module. That takes up space in the housing, which means the driver generally has to either be smaller or at very least changes the space that the sound resonates in.

No matter what though you'll never be disappointed with these.

All-Round Decent
15 October 2021

Feel really high quality. Nice soft earcups. Nicely neutral sound for casual listening but too much bass to do any mixing with, so maybe not studio headphones after all.

Clamping force is also intense but as with any headphones they fit to you eventually.

Sondel Sport
Great value
30 September 2021

I was honestly going to send these back after just listening for 30 seconds, but now I’m pleased I didn’t.
I have never come across a set of headphones that need to be placed exactly on your head as these. If you don’t get a seal with the ear pads you will have a very thin sound. I was not impressed with these at all. Then I played about with the placement on my head and found that when you get them positioned correctly they do sound really good. I also let them play overnight and that helped to tame the treble down a bit.
Overall they have a very clean sound with a little bit of sub bass boost, I don’t think that there’s too much bass, but it’s all personal. My music tastes are varied I listen from classical to Jean Michel Jarre.
These are good headphones for the price, I had a set of Sennheiser HD650 which I found was boring, (sold them a few months ago) these are not as flat frequency response but they do make the music sound good, and for me that’s the most important thing.

Evgeny T.
7 September 2021

- very good sound
- definitely value for money
- high defenition sound and quality
- great adjustment features
- very good noise cancellation
- very nice and prestige packaging
- a lot of cables come with it, to suit your liking
- comes with a nice bag for transport

- since it isn't a USB headset, if you have speakers that also use aux, you will need to buy a DAC to connect both, which can also help sound quality
- no other cons!

Overall the item is really a great value for money, not only do you get proper quality, you also get some great accessories. I used to use headsets that had a microphone in them, but this headset is so much better compared to big brands. Definitely great forartists, gamers and anyone searching for good quality headphones, the price is perfect and really a steal!9/10

John Boy
The frequency response is unreal at this price
23 August 2021

The frequency response is unreal at this price... The AKG K371-BT headphones allow amazing definition for helping to organise the optimal levels in your mix... And having the choice to utilise Blue Tooth or the cable is priceless...

Fairly comfortable but pretty bland sounding
22 August 2021

I got these as they are regarded by many headphone reviewers as the "killer $100 option". Firstly, I must confess that I didn't test them in any great detail. However, from start to finish, though these headphones are apparently sought after for their neutral sound (something that I seek and appreciate), they just sounded very non-descript, boring, like any other headphone. I only auditioned them with music (no gaming or movies) but I used them on a few amps and yeh, I was bored. Sennheiser's HD560S wiped the floor with them. Possibly an unfair comparison but they're two headphones marketed to the same type of customer; one seeking a studio/flat/neutral/reference headphone. Outside of flexibility of fit (which the 560S did lose), the K361 was outclassed sonically, by a large margin, by the Sennheisers, in every category.

Really not a bad headphone but save your pennies and get the HD560S; you will not be disappointed.

Amazing sound if you can get a good seal with them.
20 August 2021

- Build quality: The quality of the plastic is good. It feels strong and it's light at the same time.
- Sound quality: It's really good, if you combo them with a good DAC they sound amazing considering the price you're paying. The soundstage is not the best (you can get better soundstage for about 20-25€ with the KSC75, but those are open backs and lack both sound isolation and bass), but you can still feel where the sounds are coming from. They get pretty loud (I use them at about 60-70% volume).
- Confort: They are very confortable. They feel extremely light, and dont have that much of a clamping force (at least for my head size and shape). I live in a warm country so they tend to get a bit hot and sweaty after a few hours of use, but its something that a few minutes with them off can make a big difference. The fact that they are light and don't clamp too hard also has a downside. For example, when I'm riding the bus and we go over bumps they tend to move a bit. It's nothing that really bothers me since it rarely happens but it something to keep in mind.


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